12V 4500mah High Temperature Nicad Battery with Spade terminals and Covers top and bottom

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Our Batteries and battery packs are NOT to be used in any lighting fitting used in inflammable or hazardous areas. Hazardous areas are explosive atmospheres created by gases, vapours and ignitable dusts or fibers. These can be present in installations such as processing refineries, chemical production facilities, oil/gas platforms, flammable liquids storage facilities, fuel transportation, petrol stations, paint production, paper production etc. It is the customers responsibility to check on the environment that the battery / battery-pack is to be used in.
MSDS datasheet
64 x 164 x 69 mm
BROOKNES 262-001
RS 544-0223
RS NiCd PACK 12V 4.5AH 10XD
SAFT 0707-510-212
SAFT 0767-510-201
SAFT 12V 4.5AH 10 VRE DH 4500 FLANGE 804607
SAFT 804607
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Battery ESP-2-02-215A
12v 4500mah High Temperature
E55 grade Nickel Cadmium Battery pack.
This has the recomended 

operating temperature of 70 degrees
unlike most which only have
the range -20 to +50°C

It comes with Faston Spade terminals  
6mm on the + & 4.7mm on the -

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